Nina’s Network

Nina's Network is a grassroots non profit dedicated to keeping pets and their families together.
Wo do this by providing pet information and resources, pet food and supplies, facilitating basic veterinary care and spay/neuter services with compassion and non judgment to financially challenged families and those living in under resourced neighborhoods in Broward County.

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Who Is Nina’s Network?

Nina’s Network is an all volunteer grassroots non profit in Broward County dedicated to assisting pet owners in under resourced neighborhoods and those facing economic challenges to provide for and keep their pets through pet care resource information, providing pet supplies and pet food, assisting with basic vet care, training and spay/neuter services on a case by case basis as resources are available. Our goal is to get to know pet families and be a support system to help find solutions to common issues leading to pet surrender before a crisis and to reduce intake to our overburdened County shelter, other local shelters and rescues.

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